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About me.


Caribbean-born. New York City-bred. Divine progeny of the African Diaspora. Agender. Multidisciplinary artist. Multifaceted. Multilingual. DJ. Digital musician. Hyper-creative. Host. Event + media producer. Actor. Improviser. Queer. Weird. Disabled. Recluse. Scorpio. Person.


A micro start-up brought forth from 15+ years of experience within the fields of adolescent education, tourism and hospitality, independent radio, media production, public relations and advertising, cultural preservation, the performing arts and night life.


Within the public and private sectors these include but are not limited to governmental & non-governmental organizations, Greek-letter organizations, honor societies, non-for-profits, major corporations and educational institutions.

I've also worked in tandem with fellow independents, creatives & artists alike.